There are several search engines available online. But, Google still holds a unique space and is one of the most popular choices for businesses out there, irrespective of its size and nature. When starting a new business, having a local presence is equally important as going global. With Google My Business, you get a free profile for your business. Hence, that helps you with B2B and B2C connections.

Let’s explore more about it and then move to the benefits of posting on it.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is the additional feature you get on Google to control and manage online networking. Your business presence online gains extra features that you can efficiently control through Google Search Engines, Mobile Search, Local Search, and Google Maps.

With the GMB tools, you can change, create and verify the business listing on Google. The information flashes on the right side of your search screen, and therefore, it is totally up to you to share the most current and relevant data about the business.

Some of the details are listed below:

  • Business address – contact details with Google Map location
  • Opening hours – working days and time
  • Other contact details
  • Review and ratings – posted by people

Your potential clients can get quick access to any such information. They can directly call you (if they are using the mobile version) and get a peek at the reviews and access to reach you using maps. The possibilities are vast if you give the correct information.

What is Google My Business Post?

When GMB leverages the local directories to improve your business, it finds a place in the local listings in addition to personal branding, it is Google My Business Post. You have the liberty of posting images, text, or other pictorial data that connects directly to the local GMB list. When your business is small or at a starting stage with minimum social medium reach, targeted posts have enormous potential in bringing more customers by increasing the traffic.

You can post updates relevant to what you are offering to your targeted customers. Posts can be on updates on new offers, general advice for the consumers, and any highlights of upcoming events or products. You can embed the link to the event or offers and utilize the CTA or call to action button. Overall the posts on Google My Business are free, and you can manage the postings right from your profile itself.

Six benefits of posting on Google My Business

  • Budget-friendly approach: When venturing into a new business, you can save a lot by developing an online presence through Google My Business Posts. For instance, you get to save a lot on promotions and creating customer relationships. You do not require any additional downloading of software. A simple sign-up for GMB can do it all.
  • Authentic and relevant: With Google My Business Post, you can regularly create, edit and update your business information. This way the search engines give authentic and relevant business data to the customers.
  • Pumps local ranking: With relevant, and updated business information, you can capture the local SEO market effectively. With Google posts, you can boost the marketing strategy, as it is directly connecting to Google Search and Google Maps.
  • Collaboration: The use of the resources to make friends feature of Google is one of the smartest tools that enables you to connect to other search engines. When you partner with Google, it supports the business in expanding brand awareness.
  • Opening business avenues: When you collaborate with Google through business posts, it builds a two-way relationship. The comprehensive business list helps in upgrading the data regularly via posts, reviews, comments, and messaging. It not only enables you a better client service platform but provides authentic business connections.
  • Engaging business platform: The Google My Business Posts enable your clients and customers to interact with you. The clients can share their feedback via posts and messages to build a direct connection with your business.


One of the best features of Google post is that it is always fresh and updated as the search engine deletes your post in seven days.