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Your reputation matters. Customers will often read reviews and conduct due diligence online before making a purchase.

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What is Online Reputation Management?

ORM works to eliminate, weaken, or counter negative online material surrounding you or your business while generating and promoting positive content.


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Online Reputation Management Services

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Create, edit, and monitor Wikipedia

Common Questions

Your reputation is the widespread thoughts that people have about your business. This could be that you offer good customer support or that you sell products at bargain prices. It is what people immediately think of when your business is mentioned. This is why online reputation management for businesses and individuals is so important.

Defamation is when someone damages the good reputation of another person or business, for example, through libel or slander. If someone has been defaming you online, personal online reputation management involves getting to the bottom of this and putting strategies in place to either eliminate and drown out these comments.

It is impossible to put a time limit on this, as it depends on how badly your reputation has been damaged and the nature of the negative reviews Personal reputation management needs to be a continual process, though, monitoring and fixing any issues that arise.

Online reviews can be improved in a number of ways. If the comments are considered defamation, it may be possible to simply get them removed. Aside from this, reaching out to the customer to resolve the issue is an option, as is filling the Internet with positive reviews and comments to ensure existing ones become less relevant.

Reputation management for individuals and businesses works by using strategies to remove or lessen negative comments about your business online while also using different approaches to get more positive content out there as well. Continual monitoring of your business’s online reputation is a must.

A corporate reputation management agency will invest significant resources in assessing and evaluating your online reputation so that improvements can be made. Negative comments and reviews will be found so that they can be handled accordingly. Moreover, positive content will be continually created to improve your brand’s image and reputation online.

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