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If you intend to optimize the search engine rankings of your website, you are at the right place. The technical SEO consultants at SEO Power Solution assist you in achieving that. Our staff of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will help you optimize the foundation and backend of your website so that it satisfies and even exceeds search engines’ strict guidelines.

Technical SEO Consulting Services

Understanding Technical SEO

The foundation of your website’s ability to rank highly in search engine results is Technical SEO. It focuses on the specifics crucial to search engines but hidden from the ordinary user. Technical SEO addresses aspects like site speed, crawlability, and indexation, compared to other SEO services like on-page and off-page optimization.

Your website’s performance depends on how well technical SEO tactics are applied. It establishes the degree to which search engines can readily crawl, index, and comprehend your content, which affects your organic traffic and search engine rankings.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO Issues

Examples of Technical SEO Issues

It is critical to highlight a few specific instances of technical SEO problems that could be present on your website. These issues, frequently hidden beneath the surface of the internet can adversely affect the performance and exposure of your website without your knowledge.

A technological problem is crawl depth. Consider your website a multi-story structure, each page standing in for a room. Search engines may need help finding imperative rooms if they are far inside the building. Because of this, pages appear less frequently in search results, reducing their ability to draw in organic visitors and possibly even get indexed by search engines.

Hidden duplicate content is another issue that comes up frequently.

Search engines may completely exclude duplicate content from results as a result, which could result in less-than-ideal rankings.

SEO Power Solution Approach to Technical Seo Issues

At SEO Power Solution, we do not take any shortcuts when solving technical SEO issues. Our technology approach is designed to consider every aspect that influences how your website appears in search engine results. A summary of our technical SEO efforts is as follows:

Technical Audit

SEO Technical Audit Services

Our process starts with a close analysis of the internal operations of your website. We explore crucial elements, including crawl failures, robots.txt, indexation status, internal linking structure, and XML sitemaps. We will use this technical SEO assessment as the basis for your enhanced search marketing plan.

Structured Data

Structured Data

We recognize how critical it is to improve the readability of your material for search engines. Our skilled digital marketers apply structured data with ease, improving your website’s capacity to interact with search engines.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization

To speed up your website and improve user experience overall, optimizing photos is advisable. Your website will satisfy users and search engines alike when it loads swiftly and efficiently.

Restructuring URLs

Restructuring URLs

 SEO-friendly URL structure is vital for search engine presence. To improve the possibility of ranking your website higher, we will ensure that your URLs are optimized for search engines and users.

Website Migration

Website Migration

There are several possible dangers to watch out for throughout the website migration process, which could harm your SEO efforts. But without sacrificing SEO equity, our web development specialists are superb at ensuring a site migration goes smoothly.

BackLink Analysis

Backlink Analysis

A crucial factor in determining the website authority is the caliber and relevancy of your backlink profile. To help you with off-site SEO, our technical SEO team performs a comprehensive backlink audit and finds areas to be improved.

Selecting SEO Power Solution puts you in contact with a group of technical SEO specialists committed to thoroughly identifying and resolving these problems. Developing a website that is both technically sound and optimized for search engine optimization is our goal.

JavaScript Errors

JavaScript Errors

Although JavaScript is essential for dynamic web experiences, incorrect use can hurt search engines and lower your ranks. We at SEO Power Solution are aware of the intricacies of JavaScript and how they impact SEO.

Our specialists use Advanced SEO Strategies to locate and resolve rendering problems impeding the functionality of your website and guarantee that search engines may readily access your JavaScript content.

Security Status Error for HTTP/HTTPS

Sensitive information is protected via secure connections offered by HTTPS, which encrypt data transferred between a user’s browser and your website. When users see the comforting padlock icon in the address bar of their computer, it gives them more faith in the legitimacy of your website. HTTPS is essential for raising your search engine rankings since search engines give priority to secured websites.

But putting HTTPS into practice is not without its difficulties. Common security problems that might harm your website’s security and SEO efforts include mixed content errors, expired SSL certificates, and inappropriate redirections. These are the problems that SEO POWER SOLUTION’s qualified SEO consultants specialize in solving.

Security Status Error for HTTP/HTTPS
Crawl Depth

Crawl Depth

The term “crawl depth” describes the depth to which search engine bots go when examining and indexing the pages on your website. Because it directly affects how easily people can find your material in search engine results. Hence, it is an important indicator.

We, at SEO Power Solutions are well aware of how essential crawl depth is and how it affects indexing your content. Our specialists are well-versed in using strategic tactics to ensure that search engine crawlers can easily access your vital pages, including product pages, landing pages, and critical information.

User Experience and Speed Metrics

Search engine optimization and User experience, or UX are closely related. When site visitors spend a good amount of time on your website, they are likely to interact with your content, remain longer, and eventually become customers. This activity is noted by search engines such as Google.

Website speed is still another critical factor. A slow-loading website increases the likelihood that users will leave it, which raises the bounce rate—a metric search engines consider when assigning page rankings. We understand how user experience, SEO, and site speed are intricately related. Our technical SEO experts have extensive experience improving website speed through techniques like image optimization, browser caching, and faster server response times.

User Experience and Speed Metrics
CMS Utilized by Us

Hidden Duplicate Content

When essentially similar material can be found online in multiple locations, making it difficult for search engines like Google to decide which version to show in search results. Confusion may ensue from this, In the worst-case scenario, your site’s rankings may suffer.

Duplicate material has a complex effect on SEO. It weakens the authority and ranking potential of your website to start. When duplicate material appears in search results, users may get irritated and lose faith in your website.

We proactively find and remove hidden duplicate information. Whether the duplicates are on your website or have been lifted verbatim from somewhere else, we find them using advanced tools and methods.

Canonical, Indexing, and Href Lang Issues

The process by which search engines find, examine, and store your web pages in their databases is known as indexing. For your material to show up in the search results, proper indexing is a crucial need.

Conversely, to avoid duplicate content problems, canonical tags assist in identifying the preferred version of a webpage when there are many versions with comparable material. Finally, you may specify the language and geographic targeting of your web pages with hreflang properties, making sure users from various languages and places see the most relevant content.

Our Technical SEO Services experts simplify and make sense of the complex ideas around indexing, canonical tags, and hreflang properties.

Canonical, Indexing, and Href Lang Issues
CMS Utilized by Us

CMS Utilized by Us

Being adaptable to a variety of content management systems (CMS) works for our clients. Extensive knowledge about WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others, is something we take great pride in. For us, each website is distinct. Hence, our team may utilize several Content Management Systems (CMS). Our web hosting support staff is skilled enough to handle custom CMS solutions.


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