Google Feature Snipped

Google Featured Snippets are a significant aspect of Google SEO. These snippets get utilized by many competing websites on the internet. Hence, marketers optimize their content for these featured snippets.

Why? These distinct boxes containing information appear first when any related query is made by any people on the search engine. The descriptive text gets shown first whenever any search is on the search engine. Hence, the format of the snippet is crucial. Your text must match it. Try to define your topic within two to three sentences maximum.

The Featured Snippets function as special boxes that present content and are meant to reverse the format of regular search results.

Hence, the descriptive snippet is shown first in the Google Featured Snippets. The Google Featured Snippets can also be displayed in a group of related questions or the “People Also Ask” section.

Understanding Google featured snippets

A Google-featured snippet works as an excellent tool for improving the visibility of a website and bringing traffic to it. When used correctly, Google snippets can generate interest in the minds of the people browsing the internet as they provide a glimpse of what they might find on the website. Hence, a snippet of Google can offer a quick and simple answer to any search query. The featured snippets are likely to appear at any time when users look for informational search queries.

The Google featured snippet displays the information above organic search results, thereby presenting a section of a website, according to its relevancy to the query. The snippet may come in the form of a text, a list, or a table accompanying a video or image along with it.

Types of Google featured snippets

There are four different types of featured snippets on Google used for optimization purposes. These are the definition box, the table, the ordered list, and the unordered list.

Google-featured snip

The Definition Box

The Definition Box is a snippet that provides a direct and concise description or definition of something the searchers want to know about. These Google-featured snippets usually have a definition box where the answer to the query appears. The Definition Box is the perfect tool used by Google for answering all types of “what is” queries. Usually, the definitions provided by Google are short and crisp and are between 40 to 60 words.

The Table

The Table is another category of website snippets used by Google for pulling data and information from a page to display it in the form of a table.

Definition Box
Ordered List Snippet

The Ordered List

The Ordered List is a snippet SEO tool that helps present a list of different items put together in a definite order. For instance, Google may use the ordered list to present information about queries that involve a series of steps.

The Unordered List

The Unordered List is a type of list that presents a range of items without any particular order. It is one of the most commonly used SEO snippets without any information that ranks them in a certain way.

Unordered List Snippet

Benefits of Google featured snippets

Numerous benefits of SEO-featured snippet tools make them an essential aspect of SEO strategies these days. Let us have a look at some of them.


Click Through Rates

The Google search snippets allow users to improve the click-through rates of a website as they tend to be more attention-grabbing than conventional organic results.


Mobile Search

The SERPs in mobile search tend to take up a lot of space within the screen when featured snippets are used to assist the search results.


Enhance Brand Wwareness

The Google search featured snippets can help improve the perceptibility of a website and help enhance its brand awareness. Because the snippets can help the website be featured extensively on Google’s


Overall Traffic

SERPs and this can increase overall traffic.


SEO Performance

Using Google SERP snippets can be an effective way to enhance online ranking by increasing page authority. This is a great way to improve its SEO performance and generate more online followers.


Web Traffic

Working with the snippets can be a great way to enhance the web traffic for the website. You can increase website traffic with featured snippets consistently.

Google-featured snippets

How to get Google-featured snippets?

The featured snippets are obtained from the web search listings. The automated systems used by Google help to determine if a page is suitable for making an effective and appropriate featured snippet for some specific search query. Users’ feedback can help improve the search algorithms and the quality of the search results.

Ranking in Google featured snippets

To win ranking in Google featured snippets, you must ensure that your page is within the top ten search results for some specific query. Hence, your featured snippets SEO strategy must be geared towards achieving this goal and ensuring consistent performance.

Optimize for Google featured snippets

When you are looking to perform featured snippet optimization, you need to use the keyword phrases or the targeted keywords on the website that you intend Google search to refer for the snippet. You can also put the keyword phrase in the form of a question in the header tag.

The phrase can be included in the H2 tag at the upper section of a page. If you look to optimize text snippets and offer answers to a header tag question, you need to come up with a few optimized sentences in simple language. To optimize for list featured snippets, you must use multiple trigger words in the header tag and present the list in bullet form. It will help you to increase your click-through rate.

Mastering Google’s featured snippets

To master Google’s featured snippets, you need to first decide on the search intent that works behind a search query. By developing an effective idea behind the search intent of the users, you can look for ways to optimize your website through Google’s featured snippets.

Winning the Google Snippet box

To win the Google snippet box, you must follow the best optimization practices, like creating content concisely and objectively answering search queries. You should offer answers to all questions directly and produce high-quality content for the SEO campaigns.